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BaseCamp is inspired by the three-bar structure used and favored in camping for its simplicity and functionality. By drawing from a mixture of traditional and modern designs, it allows adventure lovers to bring a hint of the outdoors to city life and provide illumination for daily tasks at hand. By utilizing a combination of machined aluminum and hidden mechanisms and electronics, BaseCamp provides a structural and seamless design that can equally fit on an office table and a tent floor.

Initial Designs

Beginning ideation of what direction the lamp was to go in.

Mood Board
Inspiration grabbed from the world.
Initial Sketches
Initial Sketches
Initial Sketches


Initial CAD Design

The initial design included a hanging light design.

Flashlight Design 1
Flashlight 1 Mechanism
Flashlight Design 2
Flashlight 2 Mechanism
Hanging Lamp Idea



The transition from the hanging light design to the final embedded light design.

Prototype 1
Beginning prototypes continued with the hanging lamp design.
Prototype 2
Other prototypes played with the idea of modifying existing lightbulbs.
Final Prototype
To minimize the design, it was decided to have the lights be built into the rods.
Final Prototype Manufacturing
Final Prototype Manufacturing
Final Prototype Manufacturing
Final Prototype Manufacturing
Final Prototype Assembly
Final Prototype Assembly


Final Design

The final design of BaseCamp was made out of 6061 Aluminum and 2835 LED Strips. The entire light is powered by three parallel sets of eight of 1.5V AAA Batteries put in series. The switch mechanism uses a Magnetic Reed Switch similar to those used in household window security alarms. All of the tubes are held together using a newly designed joint that locks when the light is turned on and in resting position, and unlocked when turned the other way.


My Process Book:


Download the PDF file .



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