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The challenge was to design a quadcopter in three days using specific parts and data.


Project Requirements:

Fully design an RC quad-rotor helicopter that incorporates the electronic components linked to below. Submit as a Pack-and-Go .zip file.

  • Create an enclosure/cover for your helicopter using SolidWorks surface modeling. This cover should be thickened and turned into a solid body so that it is 3D printable. This cover should attach to the main frame and be removable. It should not be used to hold any components of the quadcopter and the helicopter should be able to function properly without this cover. Include with your assembly.
  • Create a Bill Of Materials (BOM) corresponding to an exploded view of your design. BOM should include item, quantity, This should made in a spreadsheet and exported as a PDF file.
  • Create engineering drawings for your two most difficult to machine parts. They should be able to be used by anyone to accurately manufacture your parts without ambiguity. These should be ANSI A-sized PDF files.
  • Create an awesome rendering to show off your design. Submit this as a high-quality 1400×1050 .jpeg .
  • Also write out machining plans for your two most difficult to machine parts. This should be saved as a PDF file.

Some Guidelines

Electronic Components

The .zip file found here contains the following parts:

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